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Darrell Raymond, Ph.D.

IT Systems and Data

Darrell Raymond is an independent consultant who has many years of experience in the information technology field, both in research and in practical software development and deployment.

Dr. Raymond completed a Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in 1996, and over a ten-year period he was involved in R&D work that was the precursor to today’s Web technology, including hypertext, search engines, web browsers, finite-state machines, markup languages, and user interfaces. Raymond’s current research interest is the impact of requirements on system quality.

Since 1996 Dr. Raymond has been involved in teaching, consulting and commercial project management in the field of management systems for engineering and manufacturing, with an emphasis on quality and regulatory systems. Dr. Raymond assists clients with requirements, specification, architecture, vendor selection, system design, implementation, validation, and system rollout. Clients past and present include Abbott Laboratories, Alliance Pipeline, Amtrak, Argonne National Laboratories, Bose Corporation, Celanese Corporation, Dialogic Corp, Duke Energy, GE Nuclear, Global Advanced Metals, Hospira, Hovensa, Lexmark, Los Alamos National Laboratories, MDS SCIEX, NV Energy, Petro-Canada, Siemens, and Total Refining & Petrochemicals.

Dr. Raymond has been an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Management Science at the University of Waterloo, where he taught quality systems and management of software projects (2011-2016). He is a past lecturer for the University of Waterloo Institute for Computer Research, where he taught seminars on C++ programming (1993-1996), and for the University of Waterloo’s Education Program for Software Professionals, teaching to the financial services sector, including the Bank of Montreal and Liberty Health (1996-1999).

Darrell Raymond, Ph.D.

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